Meet Jasmin – Geauga County Shelter Pet of the Week

Jasmin is a Boxer Bulldog Lab Mix ? She will win your heart, as she has all of ours, and there is nothing you can do about it. When she first arrived, her coat was in bad shape. We think she may have had a bad case of fleas but she is already looking better with the right medicine, a whole lot of loving, and some coconut rubs!

We think she may be around 10 years old, but she doesn’t act like it! She has a pep in her step, loves to walk, loves to play with toys, and loves to give and receive affection.

** Jasmin is a sweet, gentle, affectionate, and very happy dog. It is hard to believe that someone did not come looking for her. Whoever decides to add her to their family will be very happy that they did!

Jasmin has been seen by our veterinarian. There is a growth on her gum that hangs out of her mouth. She will need to go in for xrays to determine the cause and necessity for treatment. You can see it in a couple of her pictures.

Please contact Geauga County Dog Shelter & Warden’s Office to adopt or to help sponsor her medical care. Thank you!!

12513 Merritt Road

Chardon, OH 44024


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