Meet Slurpee – Geauga County Animal Shelter Pet of the Week

Slurpee – Great Dane Shepherd Mix – is a whole lot of fun. If you like puppy bows, running around and then stopping on a dime, Slurpee is your guy. Did I mention he is believed to be 10 years old?? Well you would not know that today.

Slurpee was very happy to show off for the camera and show off those very unique ears for a big dog mix. He is a little strong but wonderful to walk with. Slurpee knows how to sit and is eager to learn more! Slurpee will be ready to meet you when you get to the Shelter and don’t forget to bring along that other furry face for a meet and greet. This boy is sure to win you over with his puppy bow greet.

All of the Shelter’s dogs are spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, vaccinated and treated for fleas and ticks before adoption. We truly appreciate your support in providing the best possible care for our shelter dogs.

Let us know if you would like to adopt Slurpee or sponsor his medical care.

12513 Merritt Road

Chardon, OH 44024


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Author: Geauga News