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“This is a terrific coffee place–the downstairs is clean and light and welcoming and the coffee drinks are reasonably priced. The upstairs is even better–cozy parlor-type rooms to sit and drink coffee, work on computer, chat with friends. I highly recommend this place — so much better than pouring money into the Starbucks machine.” ~ M. Lee Yahoo Reviews

cafeHoused in an old post and beam structure on South State St. in Middlefield, you will find the warmth and charm of a home built in the early 1900s still remaining as Candace Gingerich and her staff serve up coffee and mochas six days a week. “It makes it unique from other modern coffee shops. You can come in, grab a seat downstairs and be a part of the fun, or you can take your coffee upstairs where it’s a lot quieter and more relaxing. We tried to keep as much of the original woodwork as possible, so we have character,” shares Candace who bought the business five years ago when she was just 21. “I had always wanted my own business. My dad owns his own excavating company, so I had some reference into owning my own small business which has been very helpful. I heard the shop was for sale, and after thinking and praying about it for a little while, I decided to buy it!”

Customers come regularly for their best-seller mocha – a steamed chocolate milk with espresso, which people love either hot or cold. If you are a regular visitor then you may be one of those who have had their drinks served before even ordering! “We strive to remember our customer’s regular drinks, especially if they start coming in a lot. It makes them feel special that they don’t even have to order. If we see them pull in, we start their drink right away!” says Candace. Now, that’s what I call good old-fashioned, home-town service!

It’s always fun to get to know the customers you serve on a regular basis. Creating an atmosphere where people can relax easily fosters friendships. Coffee Corners in Middlefield offers a warm, inviting atmosphere where people can come and relax and have a great conversation with a friend over coffee and other great pastries and sandwiches. “I love seeing people meeting here for that!” says Candace enthusiastically. And making them a great cup of coffee to help foster that is what she loves to do.

Old buildings always come with interesting stories of their own – great conversation starters. In fact, did you know that it had become a doctor’s office in the 1940s? “People come in with stories like, ‘Oh, I was born upstairs!’” Were you or a friend one of them? I’m sure Candace would love to know!

To entice you, Coffee Corners Middlefield is offering a 10% discount on your order just for mentioning this feature! Whether a new customer or a regular visitor, this shop is full of tales. Be sure to bring a few of your own as you sit and chat among friends enjoying your superb drinks, food, and service!

coffee corners middlefieldCoffee Corners Middlefield
14991 South State St.
Middlefield OH 44062

Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday 7a.m – 6 p.m.
Closed Sunday

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