Metzenbaum Foundation Grants Awarded in 2014

The Metzenbaum Foundation annually provides grants to both individuals with developmental disabilities and the entities that serve them.

This year, the Foundation is proud to announce that it has awarded more than $6,000 to help in the purchase of personal care items, security system parts, therapy sessions, technology items, school materials and quality of life items.

Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, known as The Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Center, was started in 1966 to help individuals in Geauga County with developmental disabilities.

Our focus today is still on enhancing those lives. These services begin at Birth and continue with Preschool and School programs and last through Adulthood.

Services such as Early Intervention Programs, Adult Services, Case Management, an Intermediate Care Facility, and Transportation make Metzenbaum the community it is today.

The Metzenbaum Center supports over 700 individuals and their families in Geauga County.

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