Nature Scopes Returns to Burton Elementary Fifth Graders

Berkshire fifth graders had a wonderful day with binoculars! Geauga Park District staff and volunteers visited Burton Elementary to introduce students to their well-known program, Nature Scopes. Thanks to generous donations, the students were treated to a pair of binoculars and field guides as well as nature magazines. They learned the parts of the binoculars as well as what the numbers mean for magnification of power and light. They learned how to set the binoculars to their own eyesight, and then they practiced the method of Look, Lock, and Lift to view nature in our school yard.

We saw birds (both live and steel), bee nests, and a squirrel playing in the branches.Then we learned how we can use the binoculars as a microscope. If you turn them upside down and hold an object very close to the eye piece, it will magnify the view to see great detail! We really saw how the skin and nails on our hands look. I think I need to moisturize!

The binoculars are on loan to the students for the school year, but hopefully, as in the past, generous donations will allow them to keep the binoculars for their own. In the meantime, we will be doing activities at school using the binoculars, and hopefully the students will be able to attend the several special events the Geauga Park District has planned especially for them on weekends with their families. The first event was November 3 at 1:00 p.m. at the Rookery for the Heron Hike. Students saw up to 100 blue heron nests that are several feet wide. They saw evidence of the blue heron diet as well.

blue heron nests

Many thanks to John Kolar and all the volunteers who worked so patiently with the students helping them learn how to use these great pieces of scientific equipment!

Naturalists - John and Dottie
Naturalists – John and Dottie

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