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Six NDCL Senior Advance to Believe in Ohio State Competition

Only winning teams from Catholic schools!

Based upon their stellar performance in online regional competition, six NDCL seniors will advance to the state competition of the Ohio Academy of Science’s Believe in Ohio program.

NDCL students, who competed in the regional event in teams of three, represented the only winning teams of any Catholic high school in the entire state.

Zach DeRespiris, Evan Fonash, and Mario Misiti created a STEM commercialization plan for Aerobic Success Enhancement Masks (ASEM). These sophisticated devices maximize athletic workouts by enabling users to adjust their aerobic capacity by controlling oxygen intake with a motorized ventilation system.

The STEM commercialization plan presented by Gabrielle LynchAddison Schermer, and Rylee Yackin detailed the development of anti-fog swimming goggles fabricated with two layers of hydrocarbon polymers and a water-absorbent hydrogel lining.

Believe in Ohio is a comprehensive, curriculum-based STEM and entrepreneurship program that seeks to create a culture of innovation by preparing high school students to contribute to Ohio’s innovation economy.

NDCL science teacher Mrs. Kelly Coyne and academic coach Mr. Tony Hodun advised the students as they developed their award-winning projects.


No freeze on learning—even on a snow day!

Tuesday’s snow day presented NDCL Social Studies Department Chairperson Mrs. Molly Schneider with a dilemma.

She had previously arranged for her College Credit Plus Government classes to participate in an online scholar exchange with experts from the National Constitution Center. With school closed for the day, she was faced with the choice of canceling the exchange or giving students the option of participating from home. She decided to go ahead with the program and see if anybody showed up.

Mrs. Schneider was thrilled when 39 of her students paused their snow day celebrations—or naps—to log on to the Zoom session.

“They asked good questions and interacted thoughtfully with the session facilitator and a federal judge who spoke with us about the Constitution,” she said.


SNOW-DAY SCHOLARS: College Credit Plus Government students participate in a Zoom session with scholars from the National Constitution Center on Tuesday’s snow day.


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