New Working Dogs In The Parks

Geauga Park District welcomes K-9s Sniper & Rotor to its Ranger Department

Prepare to see some furry rangers patrolling your parks – and no, we haven’t enlisted the local wildlife.

K-9s Sniper and Rotar have joined Geauga Park District’s Ranger Department and now accompany Ranger Denise Weisbarth and Ranger Ed Hunziker out and about!

We’re sure these four-legged rangers will prove to be great additions to the county. Rotar began his career in 2012 with the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office; Sniper is just 19 months old (in June, was 17 months in April) and arrived from Czechoslovakia via Chicago just this March!

Both K-9s are trained in locating drugs/narcotics, and both will be certified for tracking of lost persons within the Park District and county. Sniper and Rotar will also be featured in educational programs, building community relations between law enforcement and park patrons. Residents may request the K-9s’ presence at a special event or for an informational talk or demo by contacting Lt. Ranger Dennis Sloan at 440-279-0819 or

When you see Sniper or Rotar in the parks, please come over and say hi!

Geauga Park District is online at, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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