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Real Money Real World returns to Berkshire

On Wednesday, March 8th, sophomores at Berkshire High School participated in Real World Real Money, a program offered through The Ohio State University Extension which aims to teach students who are learning economics about how much money one could be expected to earn in various careers, how much is deducted in taxes, and how much they will need to have the necessities and extras as an income-earning adult.

By luck of the draw, students are assigned an occupation and corresponding salary as well as the number of children they have to support. They make their way through several simulations in which they have to procure housing, transportation, utilities, insurance and more to learn how to budget and what it takes to make it. Economics teacher Mr. Higgs has been hosting this program as an extension to his curriculum for the past 11 years and commented, “I really like the program. Ohio State does a great job with it; each year they update the incomes and costs to reflect reality.” Local community and business members participate in the running of this annual event, as well as OSU staff.

Pictured In Photos

  • Pictured In Left Photo: Berkshire Board of Education welcomes new superintendent John Stoddard and his family to Berkshire Local Schools with a meet and greet reception after the March 6th board meeting.
  • Pictured In Top Center Photo: Sophomores at Berkshire High School participated in Real World Real Money
  • Pictured In Top Right Photo: In Berkshire’s Organic Chemistry class, students complete a pharmaceutical lab, testing student- made aspirin as well as different consumer brands integrating technology, real world application, rigor, and critical thinking.
  • Pictured In Bottom Photo: Congratulations Berkshire February Students of the Month: (back) Sam Starr, Cameron Layne, Tyler Dillon; (front) Katrina Ostrander, Cennedie Hall, Megan Filby


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