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Notre Dame Middle School

Notre Dame Middle School is off to a great start! The K to 5 students clapped in the new middle school students into their new middle school space. We were delighted to have some of our Sisters of Notre Dame join us for a ribbon cutting. Our NDPA (Notre Dame Parent Association) also provided cake to the middle school students to celebrate! The students put their thumbprints on giant NDMS letters as a reminder they are the first students to attend Notre Dame Middle School!


A Colorful Start



It was a “colorful” start to the year for the 8th grade scientists! They spent their first science class in the lab measuring solutions, testing precision, and utilizing a variety of lab equipment.


Notre Dame Middle School Students at NDCL



Our seventh and eighth grade middle school students have been given the opportunity to have art “down the hill” at NDCL this year. All seventh and eighth grade middle school students, except for full year band students, will attend NDCL for ten weeks of art instruction. They will have courses in photography, ceramics, and drawing & painting.

Making Observations in Science Class



Fourth graders in Mrs. DiSanto’s science class are learning how to make observations, form well designed questions and discovering how science can be fun. Our beautiful campus provides a wonderful educational environment for exploration!


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