Ohio Chautauqua-Geauga Seeks Volunteers for July Festival

Ohio Chautauqua-Geauga Seeks Volunteers for July Festival

Organizers of the 2012 Ohio Chautauqua in Geauga County are looking for volunteers to help with the traveling tent festival during its stay on the grounds of Geauga Historical Society’s Century Village Museum in Burton, July 3-7.

The 2012 Ohio Chautauqua will focus on “When Ohio was the Western Frontier” for five days of free, old-fashioned family entertainment and cultural programming. The festival, sponsored and presented by the Ohio Humanities Council, is aimed at bringing the community together for music, art, and living-history performances.

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Volunteers are needed to help with all aspects of hosting the festival, from the time Ohio Chautauqua’s trademark red-and-white-striped tent goes up on the grounds of Century Village Museum Tuesday, July 3, to when it is taken down after the final show Saturday, July 7.

A performance each evening under the large tent will feature presentations by renowned humanities scholars who will assume the costume and personality of historical figures: pioneer naturalist Johnny Appleseed; Iroquois leader Chief Logan; frontier aristocrat Margaret Blennerhassett; York, a Lewis and Clark Expedition member; and Oliver Hazard Perry, hero of the Battle of Lake Erie.

Throughout the week, these same scholars will come out of character to present ten additional daytime programs on varying topics at five other venues around the county. Five of these programs will be aimed at younger audiences, and five will be geared toward adults.

Live old-time and folk music will precede each evening’s performances. The musical line-up includes: Hickory, of Chardon; the Hiram Rapids Stumblers, of Hiram; the Little Ol’ Me’s, of Chardon; Dave and Sarah Peltier, of Chardon; and Chris Castle, of Norwalk.

Geauga County is one of only five sites throughout the state chosen for the privilege of hosting the 2012 Ohio Chautauqua and its distinguished troupe of actors and scholars. Volunteers, who will assist with tasks ranging from general maintenance to staffing the museum’s food-concession booth, will get an inside look at the 2012 Ohio Chautauqua, which is as much a social and educational movement as it is an event.

All of the Ohio Chautauqua-Geauga performances and workshops are free of charge and will be held on schedule rain or shine. Please visit Ohio Chautauqua for more information and a schedule of events.

The 2012 Ohio Chautauqua is a unique cultural and educational opportunity for the communities of Geauga County and would not be possible without generous donations from The Geauga County Library Foundations, the trustees of Geauga Park District Foundation, Geauga County Rotaries, Great Lakes Cheese, Kent State University at Geauga, Middlefield Bank, Preston Chevrolet, The William T. & Margaret R. Clark Charitable Foundations and Xanterra Parks and Resort-Punderson.

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