Time: Once Spent Is Gone Forever

Value Your Time

Recently I have been thinking about the concept of priorities and the concept of scarcity. While I do not want to emotionalize my idea, I do want to present a heart-felt look at how I have begun to think about my time. First off, let me begin by saying that I value my time. Time is the only resource that I have at my discretion that I can never get back. I can spend my money, and then earn it back. I can lose a friend, and then make another. I can forget an interesting thought, and then simply think another; however, the one thing I can never do is lose a moment in time then get it back.

Time Well Used

Once we use time, it is gone forever. There are no take-backs, retrievals, or earning solutions for time. Time is a scare and fleeting resource. We have only been given a certain amount of time here on earth (how much, no one knows). Our job is to use our time for the most beneficial things possible. Our job is to not let one second pass without making sure that our return on our time is incredible.

Time: Once Spent is Gone Forever
Time: Once Spent is Gone Forever

As I recently shared with a leadership class I was teaching, an important part of being a leader in this life is to effectively and efficiently utilize and maximize the scarce resource of time. It is a valuable skill to be able to prioritize and structure our lives in such a way that we make the best use of our time. There are a wide variety of tools and resources available to help us plan and schedule our activities, but there is nothing out there that will tell us what is most important to us on a deeply personal level. Those are the things which no one and nothing else can define for us.

Best Use of Your Time

While there is no specific tool that can be utilized to tell us exactly how to prioritize, there are a number of guiding principles that can be applied to our activities. The first thing that we should do is come up with a list of activities which we are accountable for performing. It is from these activities where we should begin to plan our schedules. These activities are those that keep us employed, or keep our customers happy. Next we should look at activities that produce the greatest results for us. These are most likely activities which are highly profitable in the monetary or physical sense of the word. Finally, we should look at those activities that pull on our heartstrings, those activities that we could not possibly live without.

Planning Your Time

From this list of activities, we should then begin planning our time. I would advise that you talk with your significant other or a close friend who can help you prioritize your list. I would divvy up your weekly time among these activities, plan your week accordingly, and try to stick with the schedule.

Applying these guiding principles can help give you some direction as you organize your time. I would be intentional about scheduling your time – don’t do it on a whim, take it seriously.

Remember, time is the only resource you will never get back – with that it mind – use it wisely!

Many of my ideas come from John Maxwell’s Book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. Please pick up the book and read his “Law of Priorities” – It could change your life!

Michael Elliott
Author: Michael Elliott

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