Rambling About Burgers

Photo: Bill Prots on his way back to the kitchen to make more all-you-can-eat wings.

Hungry? Near Newbury? Want something different?

Bill and Nicole Prots would love to see you. As proprietors of the Ramble Inn on Kinsman Road/State Road 87 in Newbury, they have quietly built a reputation for great food and good conversation. Featuring nightly specials as varied as Chicken Paprikash, Whitefish Anika, and stone-fired pizza, the Ramble is truly a geode—plain and non-descript on the outside but holding great things inside.

The Prots family gives back to the community in many ways. They can be found supporting Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School—where their children attend, hosting a fundraiser for WomenSafe, or cooking for the Kiwanis Club Clambake. Bill and Nicole are deeply invested in making Geauga County great.

Ramble Inn
A busy Anika Prots enters an order

Upon entering the Ramble Inn, you will immediately become part of the family. No one leaves a stranger. My first time there, Nicole introduced me to several regulars and made sure I felt welcome. On that visit, I had purposely avoided revealing that I worked at NDCL, Notre Dame Cathedral Latin, preferring to just be an anonymous patron, however, no one is left unmet. I was lucky that Anika, the eldest Prots child, had suggested I give the Ramble a try as I was pining for a good burger.

My plan for that first visit was thwarted. I couldn’t resist the all-you-can-eat boneless chicken wings with a healthy selection of sauces; you can get them with bones if you prefer. After taking advantage of the special, I left much heavier and happier and with a wallet much less worse for the wear than anticipated. The burger would have to wait for another night. On several return trips, different dishes and specials (all-you-can-eat baked or fried fish dinner or stone-fired pizza, anyone?) prevented me from getting to those burgers.

Finally, after several attempts, I ignored the specials and ordered a burger. Custom ground, well-seasoned, cooked to perfection and to your preference, the burgers certainly do not disappoint! My favorite is Billy’s Burger which comes topped with grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, bacon, American cheese, and their special Mill sauce. My nephew and sister were so taken with their burgers at the Ramble that they have already mentioned the need for a return trip next time they come to visit from Indianapolis.

Everyone appreciates feeling at home. I am happy to have found that feeling at the Ramble Inn. For those who like a beer or mixed drink with dinner, the staff can happily accommodate you, although I find they are quite handy with the pop fountain as well. There is even a Mug Club for those so inclined. So, if you are looking for a night out of the kitchen or a place to enjoy the Browns game, give the Ramble Inn a try and tell them I sent you. You’re liable to leave later than you intended with a few new friends and a satisfied smile.

The Ramble Inn
10311 Kinsman Rd. (OH 87)
Newbury, OH 44065


E-mail: ramble.inn.9@facebook.com

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Fall Hours: Doors open at 2:30 pm; Kitchen opens at 4:30 pm

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