“Real” Real Estate Agents – Treating People Like Friends

If you have that old stereotypical view of real estate agents, it’s time to ‘move’ on! Ann Blair and Rick Chambers of Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Northeast are about as real and genuine as they come. As a team, their mission is to serve their clients way beyond what is called for, and they do it superbly. Leita, a recent client, says it best:

Ann and Rick,

“I would be honored to let people know what you did to make sure I bought the perfect home. You always guided me in the right direction and knew exactly what home was right for me. Being a first time buyer, I needed someone patient and able to explain every step; you did just that! You even educated another realtor by spending endless hours researching the property I was going to buy so that her client got the proper variances and I wouldn’t be stuck with property in my backyard that would not be mine. You both also were experienced in giving ideas to update homes we visited. It still amazes me how you figured appraisal prices perfectly so that I could put in fair bids; this helped me get the home of my dreams. I do want to let you know how much it has meant to me that you have kept in touch and have made visits to my new home. I have never heard of a realtor who continues to check up on former clients. I do strongly feel that you are the reason that I have my house. You made the phone call needed so that I could buy this house. You both gave me some fabulous ideas to update it, and it is a perfect home for me in the most ideal location. Thank you!”

Ann, who grew up in Burton and has a 10 year history in real estate, along with Rick, who dabbled in real estate then became licensed in 2012, have partnered and become a truly dynamic duo who aggressively pursue customer satisfaction as agents with Keller Williams GCNE. “We pride ourselves in excellent communication, whether it’s getting back as soon as possible to clients, fellow agents, or office personnel. It’s part of belonging to Keller Williams (KW) – one of their trademarks,” shares Ann. “When I would call agents of other companies,” adds Rick, “I was blown away by the lack of attention given to returning calls. Immediate response is extremely important. Clients need to know they will receive answers – and if we don’t know, we will find out.” Working with a team like Ann and Rick has its perks – one or the other is almost always accessible.

Choosing the right agent, one you feel you can work with, should be a high priority. “It’s important for people not to settle, but to talk to several different agents before choosing one. Shop around. Get a feel for the agent; don’t just open the phone book,” explains Rick. “Finding someone you feel is trustworthy is a big part. It’s very easy to cross over into gray areas, so finding honesty and integrity is important.”

“Ann Blair and Rick surpassed my expectations as agents. There was immediate feedback on questions concerning my requirements of a first home. I relocated from another state and they helped me with referrals for loan officers. Ann was very knowledgable on infrastructure on all the numerous homes we walked through. I’m very happy with my new home. It was move-in ready which was a major plus. Ann provided me the information for all the major utilities. Purchasing my home with Ann as agent was a smooth process, and I look forward to working with her in the future.” ~ Sarah A.

Are real estate agents necessary?

What if someone wants to avoid those fees and sell their home on their own? “If someone feels they can do it, more power to them,” says Rick. “But sometimes they don’t know what they are getting into and they end up asking us [real estate agents] a 100 questions. Generally, the house sits on the market longer – 5 to 6 months longer since the owner doesn’t have the connections an agent does.”

Geauga County is, as all who live here know, an attractive draw for many who are looking for new home locations. “I think a lot has to do with the country setting; more land and privacy, but close enough to cities for work,” Ann shares. “People like less traffic in their neighborhood, they have friends. Geauga County has a lot of friendly people!”

Every job has its challenges and rewards. For Ann and Rick, the rewards are extremely satisfying.

“We love when first time home buyers are given the keys to their new home and get into their house for the first time. They may be crying. It can be very emotional. It’s very rewarding to see their faces, to be part of achieving a dream.” It’s also very rewarding when they have worked over time with a client and helped them to build credit, waiting until they have saved and reached that point of readiness. “Some of these clients have been in our data base for over a year,” says Rick. But they listened to Ann and Rick and followed through with their advice until they were at that point of readiness.

So how does the housing market look from an insider’s view? Rick answers with confidence, “The market is doing well this spring. We saw glimpses last fall, but this spring it caught on fire. Home values have increased 9 and 10% in Burton and Chardon with Middlefield picking up as well. When the housing market is active and home prices start to go up, the rest of the economy benefits too.” Will it last? “This started in 2006 – it’s seven years later now. The natural up and down progression seems to have played itself out and home prices are going up again. Now is a good time to buy or sell.”

“There are a lot of ups and downs when buying and selling a house. Ann and Rick were never just realtors, they treated us like friends. They are genuine people with a wealth of knowledge, true compassion, patience and honesty. For that, we are grateful because it’s rare to find that in one person let alone two. Thank you.” ~ R.T.

Ann Blair and Rick Chambers are ready to serve you anywhere in Geauga County, whether buying or selling. Call them today with any questions– they’ll get back to you right away!

Rick Chambers and Ann Blair

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