Setting (and achieving) Your Goals for 2015

What are your goals

A new year has always represented to perfect time for goal setting. It is a fresh beginning; a start over and a great time to make changes, establish new goals and new aspirations for the future.

Unfortunately, many New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by February.

Here are some ideas to help you establish your goals for 2015 and to stick with them throughout the year.

Don’t be an over achiever

Ok, being an over achiever can be a good thing most of the time but in terms of goal setting, focusing on too many areas at once will make achieving every single goal really difficult.

It will be too overwhelming and you will lose sight of what you’re really trying to do. It will also be difficult to maintain a lasting behavior which is really what these goals are about.

This is one of the most common mistakes people make during New Years- “I want to lose weight, and be healthy, and exercise every day, and clean my house every day, and read a book every day, and volunteer four times per week, etc……”. Those are some really great goals, but trying to complete them all at the same time is going to prove to be very difficult.

Stick with four or less

If you’re the compulsive, over-achiever like me, you can’t just have one goal, but it also doesn’t make sense to have ten goals. Try to keep your New Year’s resolution list to 4 goals.

This is a nice, even number that can be distributed throughout the year.

From January to March you establish the goal of ___________. From April to June you establish the goal of __________. From July to September you establish the goal of __________. And, from October to December you establish the goal of _________.

This is a great way to set goals because they are time limited, but they also give you enough time to make a lasting impression and change your behaviors for the better. You also won’t forget your goals by March, because when March rolls around, you’re going to start working on your next goal.

Mark the goals on your calendar so when the next quarter comes you know what you’re working on for the next three months. Tell other people about what you’re trying to do, accountability partners are great support.

Don’t give up

If you want to achieve your goals, be persistent and don’t give up. If you screw up and eat a hamburger, don’t beat yourself up. Get back on track after you finish it off.

If you miss a day of your exercise schedule, get back on the next day. Beating yourself up is bad for your self-esteem and morale. If you want to achieve your goals, suck it up and keep pressing on!

Celebrate your achievements

You are your best cheerleader. Celebrate your wins! You’re awesome and don’t forget to tell yourself that! When you achieve a milestone, reward yourself when you win with something you enjoy; a CD, a book, a DVD, etc. You deserve it!

Get started

Another common reason individuals don’t achieve their goals is because they don’t start. Don’t make that mistake. Write down what you want to do and the time frame you’re going to do it in, then start working at it. Be persistent and intentional. You can do it!

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