St. Mary School Ministry Group Helps a Youth Center in Need

St. Mary School’s Beacon of Light ministry group helped to run a children’s Christmas program for a center in need.

The Nottingham Youth Center is run strictly on donations and each year helps provide Christmas cheer to children who otherwise may not have much to celebrate.

Nancy Mino, director, came to the center through a volunteer match service and has since become an integral part of its operations.

She helps to provide the center’s youth with a safe place to come during the day, and also to have access to toys, books and some educational services.

She will also ensure the center will remain open during the children’s winter break from school to allow them to continue to have a meal.

On Saturday, the families were invited to join in by attending a Christmas Party hosted by the members of the Notthingam Methodist Church and center.

The children were invited to play winter theme games, have a meal, and receive a gift from Santa.

The youth were surprised and excited to hear that Santa would visit, as one visitor commented that they did not even have a Christmas tree at their home.

The Beacon of Light volunteers hosted children’s games and a sing-along.

The Beacon of Light volunteers enjoyed helping visitors decorate ornaments to hang on the church’s tree, sharing conversation about what school and grades they were each in.

The children quickly began playing together games of “Santa Says” and pin the nose on Olaf.

At the end of the day, before Santa arrived, the Beacon of Light led a lively sing-along and told the story of Christmas.

All agreed that they would like to return to help out again next year!

St. Mary Photo 1
Beacon of Light members Maria Peters, Rachel Yates, and Sarah Boggs help put Olaf’s nose back on during games at the Nottingham Youth Center
St. Mary Photo 2
Back -Thomas Fowle and Andrea Diaz-Rodriguez, and front Michaela Rodriguez, help run a game with the visitors from Nottingham Youth center’s Christmas party.
St.Mary Photo 3
Faye Hoey helps children play a snowball game during Nottingham Youth’s Christmas party
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