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I love the way the early March air smells. I can almost taste the secret scents of spring as they seep up through the ground and I breathe them in. Springtime comes in stutters and spurts here in Geauga County between the snow flurries, 50 degree days, and confusion that we call “Northeast Ohio weather“. No matter what it spits at you, springtime in Geauga County is generally newsworthy and, at the very least, memorable. I remember a few years back when Easter surprised us with over 18” of snow, and even as I write this, I can remember the warm 40 degree weather we had in the first weeks of February this year. I remember how it felt, how the soft cool breeze lacked the harshness of January and was more refreshing than those desperate winter winds.

Magnolia tree in bloom covered in snow

The snappy cold nights and the warm spring temperatures motivate the sap to start running up and filling the buckets, and I’m reminded of the hope of spring and the exciting events to come. Within a few weeks, we’ll start gearing up for the Maple Festival and I can already see the steam rising from the sugar house on the square.

Each season here holds dear memories for me. As a child I watched the tapping ceremonies on Burton square. I remember the first time I entered the arcade tent at the Maple Festival and was munching on a funnel cake while I fired away on New World Order with Aerosmith blasting in the background.

trail in the woods

As the summer progresses, my tranquil walks in many of the Geauga County parks are peaceful and beautiful. And as the summer wanes, the sights and sounds of the fair begin to drift out from the fairgrounds and I remember all the joys that I’ve experienced there. Each moment and each memory makes up a patchwork of wonderful memories that makes Geauga County home sweet home to me.

Geauga Counry fair

The more time I spend here, the more I love it; it’s beautiful parks, it’s quaint towns, it’s warm and friendly people. I’ve traveled all over the USA and no matter where I’ve been, I always want to come home to Geauga County. I love the people, I love the sights and sounds, I love the way it smells. I keep falling in love more and more with each passing season.

What do you love about Geauga County? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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