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featured-image-templateOne of the many reasons people love to travel to beautiful Geauga County is because it’s farm country. The hilly countryside is home to many farm animals and the soil is perfect for farming and home gardens. It’s also a great place for local farm markets and Community Supported Agriculture, a way for the food buying public to create a relationship with a farm and to receive a weekly amount of produce. Sirna’s Farm & Market has both of these!

Ohio proud and family owned since 1997, Sirna’s Farm Inc, has been offering quality fresh home grown, seasonal vegetables, herbs, and local products without the use of chemicals through both their market and CSA program.

“We are a seasonal market in Auburn Township open June – October supplying our very OWN homegrown, sustainable agriculture, as well as a variety of other local products,” says Craig Sirna.

After visiting them this summer and sampling their goods, you may want to consider joining their CSA next year. Why? “Not only do we grow all of our own produce at our farm, we produce a large variety of products as well. By choosing to join our CSA you will have easy access to all of your grocery needs including but not limited to: free range brown eggs, homemade sausage, grass-fed Angus beef, homemade Sirna nut butters, honey, maple syrup, jellies, relishes, local wines and cheese, handmade lotions and body wash, and more!” says Craig. There are several delivery sites where you can pick up your weekly goods which you will be receiving for a full 16 weeks. For more information on that, check their website.

With so many health issues being traced to the poor quality of the foods we eat today, it’s nice to have the option of shopping local where you can personally know the family who is producing your food and be assured of its high nutritional value without the use of artificial substances. Sirna’s products are jam-packed with nutrients and full flavored, from their beef to their veggies.

“Here at Sirna’s, our cows are all grass fed, free-range, and are not administered any antibiotics or hormones. They are also treated humanely. The way we raise our purebred black Angus cows is not only evident in the taste, it can be seen in the health benefits. Our ground beef is processed 90% lean and the whole cow is used, giving you all quality meats in our beef,” shares Craig.

Smiley-tomatoesFar too many people today have never tasted real home grown, unadulterated food. But once you experience the pleasure of eating nutrient rich organic produce, it’s hard to go back! Craig offers this explanation,”When chemicals are administered to plants, they don’t need to be as strong and can rely on the chemicals to do the work for them. When sprays are left out of the equation, our produce has to supply itself with more nutrients so it can grow. These nutrients are then picked and put on your plate. Most of the store bought produce is harvested too early and does not offer the same nutritional benefits as ripe produce.” Eating your veggies just got a whole lot easier!

Why not visit Sirna’s Farm & Market and see for yourself? Try out some of their homegrown beef, eggs, and produce and taste the difference. Make a trip to their market on 19009 Ravenna Rd. (State Route 44) in Auburn. Or visit them on Saturdays in South Russell at the Geauga Fresh Farmers Market (Rt 306 & Bell Rd.) open until mid October.

Upcoming events include an annual Fall Festival which will be held on the weekends of October 6 &7 and October 13 &14. Stayed tuned for the next Sirna’s feature in late September or check their website for more information.

Sirna’s Market is open EVERY DAY from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. from June 1 through October 31. (440)834-0696



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