Spanish Honor Society Shows Their Christmas Spirit

Spanish Honor Society members partnered up this fall to put together gift boxes for less fortunate children around the world. This is a service project that will bring happiness and fun surprises to these needy children.

1_Spanish Christmas Boxes

Standing Left to Right: Grace Anderson, Alexis Johnson, Vince Noce, Becca Porter, RJ Maxwell
Sitting: Grace Noce and Alivia Alfredo

The students started with a shoebox and then filled it with little gifts for either a boy or a girl. The students picked from three age ranges; 2 – 4, 5 – 9, or 10 – 14 years old. The shoebox was then wrapped in Christmas paper.

The thirty members of Spanish Honor Society packed 12 boxes! In the individual boxes they included small gifts like Nerf balls, dolls and yo-yos. They also included school supplies and hygiene items. Some students even wrote a small note in Spanish and placed it inside the box! Tracy Rea dropped the boxes off and soon young children around the world will be getting their packed shoebox gift!


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