Stop in for MC Preschool smARTs OPEN HOUSE – October 9th, 10 am – 2pm

Open House

Saturday, October 9th 10am – 2pm

1208 Bell Rd., Chagrin Falls

Come on in, meet Miss Car and her Teaching Assistants.


Carlene Holtz (Miss Car)

​“I have been teaching children since 1999 through Art, gymnastics and homeschooling. I I believe that all children are gifts. They shine a light on all those around them. They have talents and abilities that sometimes far exceed our own understanding. I love teaching because of the joy that I see in children’s eyes when they learn something new. I feel honored as a teacher to be able to share those kind of moments with them. My teaching philosophy is that every child is an individual who learns at their own pace. It is my responsibility as a teacher to nurture those skills, gifts, talents and abilities in each child and to provide a positive atmosphere to encourage their growth and development.”
Carlene has an education background in art and child development psychology specializing in cognitive behaviors. She has been studying and practicing art her whole life. She knew she wanted to be an artist since she was a little girl. She has owned and operated her studio since 1999. She home-schooled her oldest daughter through 8th grade. She has 5 beautiful children and a wonderful, supportive husband. She gives God the credit for her gifts and she wants to share them with you and your family.


Tour our space and learn about the special enrichment curriculum offered at MC Preschool smARTs .


We look forward to meeting you!

“We know that Art, understood as spontaneous creative play, is what young children naturally do: singing, dancing, drawing, and role-playing.  We also know that the arts engage all of the senses and involve a variety of modalities including the kinesthetic, auditory and visual.  When caregivers engage and encourage children in arts activities on a regular basis from early in life, they are laying the foundation for and even helping wire children’s brains for successful learning.”

Americans for the Arts, 2002

MC Preschool smARTs is located at:
1208 Bell Rd. Chagrin Falls, OH

For all inquiries please contact Carlene Holtz at:

440-338-1092 |  |




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