Students at NDCL Visit Washington, Geauga Observatory Park

NDCL seniors experience ‘Close Up’ view of US government

Seniors Leo LoDuca (Concord) and Tyler Kirchmeir (Mentor) had the opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on how our government works this week March 23 – 28 at CloseUp 2014 in Washington, D.C.

Under the guidance of CloseUp’s outstanding faculty, students use the nation’s capital as a living classroom to complete a series of exciting, challenging, and unforgettable activities.

The week was filled with many education and cultural experiences, including workshops, seminars, guest speakers, and on-site visits to significant historical and governmental sites. Leo and Tyler also had the opportunity to attend and observe Congressional committee hearings and meet with Senator Rob Portman and Congressman David Joyce.

PHOTO ABOVE: LIONS ON THE HILL: NDCL seniors Leo LoDuca and Tyler Kirchmeir meet with Congressman David Joyce, a good friend of NDCL and the father of Trenton ’10, Keighle ’12, and Bridey ’13.

NDCL students reach for the stars in Astronomy

Students in Mrs. Pauline Cheeseman’s Astronomy class are learning about stars and more this semester. This week they completed a lab on refracting telescopes by using laser pointers and gelatine to study how light bends as it moves from one medium to another.

TELESCOPE TEAMMATES: Juniors Amanda O'Reilly (Middlefield) and Ben Wozniak (Chardon) work together to study how refracting telescopes work.
TELESCOPE TEAMMATES: Juniors Amanda O’Reilly (Middlefield) and Ben Wozniak (Chardon) work together to study how refracting telescopes work.

Astronomy is a one-semester course at NDCL in which students study the earth’s motion, constellations, telescopes, the birth and death of stars, black holes, and other natural phenomena. Students also enjoy a visit to the Geauga Observatory Park.

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