Teams, Records, Playoffs: A Look at Geauga County Football

Hello again Geauga County football fans! This week we are going to do something a little different. We decided to catch you up on how the schools are doing around the county. With only three more weeks to go, teams are looking towards the postseason playoffs. Some of our teams may see it, but not of them will. Let’s see where their records stand and what they have to look forward too.

Ledgemont Redskins

Ledgemont Redskins (1-5) – This team may not be doing much on the scoreboard, but they are a team of a small roster with a huge heart. Being on the sidelines with these boys, we saw the passion they had for the game, their team and the coaches. They have played some big teams this year with huge rosters. For a team where they all play offense, defense, and special teams – they are tough. We saw boys with injuries keep getting out there play after play. The Redskins are the definition of a team. I am proud to say I was a Redskin. Catch them at one of their last games of the season: 10-17 versus Pymatuning Valley; 10-24 at Windham; or 10-31 versus Newbury.

Newbury Black Knights (3-4): 10-17 @ Windham; 10-24 @ Berkshire; 10-31 @ Ledgemont

Berkshire Badgers (3-4): 10-17 @ Kirtland 10-24 vs Newbury; 10-31 vs. Cardinal in the battle for the Kinsman Cup!

Cardinal Huskies (5-2): 10-17 vs Harding; 10-24 vs Hawken; 10-31 @Berkshire for the Kinsman Cup!

Chardon Hilltoppers (5-2): 10-17 @ Riverside; 10-24 vs University; 10-31 @ Lakeside

Kenston Bombers (5-3): 10-17 @ Harvey; 10-24 @ West Geauga; 10-31 vs Aurora

Notre-Dame Cathedral Latin (4-3): 10-17 vs Walsh Jesuit; 10-24 @ Archbishop Hoban; 10-31 @ Padua Franciscan

West Geauga Wolverines (4-3): 10-17@ Chagrin Falls; 10-24 vs Kenston; 10-31 vs Beachwood

Chagrin Falls Tigers (3-4): 10-17 vs West Geauga; 10-24 vs Orange; 10-31 @ Perry

Geauga News will be covering the games in red.

You only have three weeks left to catch these teams. Choose a game and cheer on one of our great Geauga County high school football teams!!

Find news for each of these schools HERE.

Trent Ford
Author: Trent Ford

Trent is a graduate of Madison High School and a new resident of Geauga County. He enjoys spending time with his family, history, and the outdoors, but his passion is sports, both local and professional.