Test the Waters with the Geauga Otters!

In a time of cell phone texts and tweets, Geauga County’s YMCA swim team joins students from across the county in real-time interpersonal interaction and exercise. Swimmers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to jump in and join the fun!

Life-long swimmer and head coach Matt Parrish brings enthusiasm and energy to the pool deck to build swim techniques, develop team spirit, and cultivate successful individuals. Matt’s team of coaches includes Becky Repasky, a triathlete and former college swim coach. “Becky is a very knowledgeable coach, with great experience, and a passion for swimming that is unparalleled. She is very caring and our swimmers and community mean the world to her,” says Coach Matt.

Geauga Otters Swim LeagueCommunity involvement includes more than the swimmers. Children swim–the adults organize the meet, run timers, tend score, offer refreshments, and participate in all the behind the scenes activities required for successful swim meet events. “The Geauga Otters swim team is one big family within itself. It’s not just the level of dedication of the swimmer, but of the whole family. With the long drives and time spent at practices and meets, you really build lifelong friendships through the swim team. With coaches Matt and Becky at the helm, their coaching styles complement each other so each swimmer’s abilities is maximized,” says Jennifer Scerbo, parent of two swimmers ages 17 and 11.

To build the best team possible and to accommodate family schedules, swim practice is available at different times in three locations: Geauga County YMCA, Perry Community Fitness Center, or Spire Institute. Coach Matt says, “You get out of it what you put into it!”

The Geauga Otters participate in seven dual meets in Northeast Ohio’s YMCA Swim League season from September through March. The league includes 22 teams and more than 1,000 swimmers.

Support the team, sponsor a swimmer, or dive in the pool! Learn more online or contact Jodi Clute, Geauga YMCA Aquatics Director at jclute@clevelandymca.org.

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