The Boykin Spaniel – A Hunter’s Delight

A member of the sporting group, this medium sized hunting dog is the official state dog of South Carolina.

This charming, chocolate brown dog is always cheerful and loves to bond with its family, as well as other pets. This breed has great stamina and enjoys keeping up on its work. Having a neat and compact body the Boykin does great at flushing and retrieving. It’s size and abilities are prized by hunters. When retrieving ducks, both the duck and dog are pulled into the boat at the same time.


Boykins require minimal grooming. They have both an under and outer coat for warmth and protection through heavy brush. The undercoat is short and dense, while the outer coat can range from flat to wavy and be as long as four inches. Weekly brushing and light trimming keeps this dog neat and tidy.

The 1900s is when the Boykin was born. A hunter, Mr. L. Whitaker Boykin, of the Boykin Community in South Carolina was the first Boykin Spaniel owner. A stray dog was given to him by his hunting partner. This dog soon developed into a fine turkey and waterfowl retriever, and eventually a breed of its own.



Michelle Toth
Author: Michelle Toth

Michelle "Shell" Toth is a lifelong resident of Geauga County and is the owner of Shell's Dog Design in Newbury. She is a member of the International Professional Groomers, Inc. and has 30 years of experience in the pet care industry. Shell's Dog Design is committed to responsible pet care solutions and has a pet style for every lifestyle.