The Deader The Better Part II

and 3 reasons for making Eastering a regular part of your life

Part II

In Part I, I added a new meaning to Easter by expanding it to become a verb as well as a noun and adjective. “When you go Eastering, you’ll be absolutely shocked at what you’ve missed!”

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display His craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make Him known. They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard. Yet their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world.” Psalm 19:1-4

Here, again, is my definition:

Eastering can best be defined as designating a specified amount of time to focused observation of the things that God has openly proclaimed and displayed, yet possess hidden secrets revealed only to those who seek them with a resolute mindset.

Eastering always results in discovering personal applications, new life, and change.

If you have read my “Looking vs. Seeing” articles for January and February, you know I have been on a year long quest to look beyond what is normally visible in order to see more.

This month, while out walking, I have been generally more observant as I visit various places, but I really couldn’t find much to get too excited about since everything is so dead. But I went out anyway with a firm belief that there are things out there – I just haven’t found them yet!


I ended Part I with this:

“Hey, Patty! You whoooo! It’s Me…..God. Take your eyes off the road and look up, would ya? Yeah – I’m talkin’ to you…ALL the time! Day and night in fact. If you would just pay attention, and get a little more focused, I’d show you more things than the average eye has ever seen and the average ear has ever heard; things tucked away for those who really want to know!”

I admit, as the month wore on, I was getting anxious about what I was going to write for the next Looking vs Seeing feature. I really wasn’t seeing much of anything! Of course, when I get into situations like that, I tend to pray more and focus more! So I did just that….and it was then that the ‘Hey, Patty…” came to me.

And I did look up….


and walked closer…

goose nest

Ha! No way!


 I’ve been around nesting geese for decades – but never have I seen one nest in a tree! Always on the ground!

During the course of just a few short minutes, the sky went from brilliant blue to gray, and the wind began to really pick up. The quality of this video shows that, but also shows the goose turning her head, so I included it. She looked right at me. I got home just ahead of the wicked storm. It was a fabulous experience!

In a dead tree that has sat empty and useless for years, a goose saw a hollow that was the perfect spot to raise her family. She’s protected, unafraid, hidden, and even has a great view! A hidden secret I would have never observed had I not made a concerted effort to look and genuinely desire God to lead me to something cool – and He did not fail me!


So why should you make Eastering a regular part of your life? Here are three reasons:

1. Eastering insists on the practice of setting time aside for personal reflection and growth.

We must constantly look behind us to see what we have accomplished before we can look ahead to see what new goals need to be set. By regularly designating a specified amount of time to focused observation on God and His creation, you will discover insights to your life that He alone can provide and knows you need. And have fun while doing so! (VERY important!)

2. Eastering insists on single-minded effort toward one goal.

Distractions are strong deterrents that have the power to destroy a life, but your mind must be stronger and be master over them. It’s a discipline only you can impose and one that yields the deepest kind of personal gratification only you can fully appreciate.

3. Eastering satisfies the most sought after cry of every human being;

a life full of purpose, direction, joy, and deeply meaningful relationships.

There are many applications to my own life I have learned from Eastering on that particular day. But since it is Easter today, I will share just one.

The Deader The Better.

Jesus was dead – completely and verifiably dead. That’s why Easter can exist today. God cannot resurrect something that was never really dead.

I have some very dead places in my life. They have been there for many years now – kind of like that tree. From a human perspective, that tree was pretty useless and could easily be cut down and burned. But no one in their right mind would do that now because something new has begun. A pair of Canadian geese may return to the same nest site for many years. A whole new generation of life has sprung up in a dead tree. God is still in the business of resurrecting dead things. Could it be that God will do the same for me?

Eastering is full of resurrection surprises for those who really want them. But only the resolute of heart will uncover the hidden behind that which is openly displayed.

If you would like a fuller list of the lessons I derived from my Eastering experience, I would be happy to share them with you. Email me at with “Eastering” as the subject.

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