Calling All Geauga County World War II Veterans

The Geauga County Historical Society is seeking to identify all current Geauga County residents who are veterans of World War II.

The Historical Society will be hosting a tribute dinner for the veterans on Saturday evening, May 25, at Century Village Museum’s Bond Building. The tribute dinner is part of a major weekend-long event to commemorate the World War II era.

The Historical Society hopes to extend a personal invitation to every Geauga County World War II veteran and a guest to attend this dinner free of charge. In order to achieve that goal, the Historical Society needs to learn those veterans’ names, addresses, and contact information.

While this appeal is being made directly to the veterans themselves, the Historical Society also is asking for assistance from the family and friends of our World War II veterans, veterans groups, senior-citizens groups, churches, and senior-housing and care facilities. Please help the Historical Society connect with these members of our “Greatest Generation” so they can be given the honor they deserve.

If you or someone you know is a veteran of World War II and a resident of Geauga County, please contact the Geauga County Historical Society and Century Village Museum office at 440-834-1492 or email

In addition to the tribute dinner, the weekend’s World War II-related activities will include a free outdoor feature film presented Friday evening on the village green of Century Village Museum. On Saturday, rare World War II armament, equipment, and memorabilia will be on exhibit throughout the Museum grounds. Saturday evening, a “USO Dance,” featuring big-band music provided by local musicians, will follow the veterans’ tribute dinner. Tickets for Saturday’s events will be sold separately.

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