The Inaugural Meeting of the Geauga Skywatchers Club Meets at the Chardon Branch of the Geauga County Public Library on September 9

The Inaugural meeting of the Geauga Skywatchers Club will be held on September 9th at the Chardon Branch of the Geauga County Library, from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Topic: Scale of the Solar System.

The Club will feature exciting monthly lectures and astronomy activities directed at a 6th to 12th grade audience. Meetings, however, are open to anyone interested in astronomy. Meetings will be held at various branch locations of the Geauga County Public Library, the Burton Public Library, and at Observatory Park.

“We explore astronomy with the guidance of local experts and sophisticated equipment available through local organizations. Our goal is to teach the wonders of the solar system and universe while honing skills in mathematics, engineering, optics, observing, reason and critical thinking.

We recognize accomplishment with an optional system of advancement.” says George Trimble, President of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society, one of the Club’s organizers.

As to the purpose of the club, Heidi O’Neill, Trustee for The Foundation for Geauga Parks, says “We seek to help make bright minds shine with the light of new knowledge. We inspire the next generation of working scientists in our community by “Looking Up.” The Foundation is another organizer of the club.

In addition to all of the library locations and resources, The Club’s members will have unprecedented group access to the giant telescopes and planetarium at Observatory Park under the tutelage of Chris Mentrek of the Geauga Parks District. The club’s kickoff is timed to fit-in with the theme of the Library’s Summer reading program: A Universe of Stories. The Geauga County Public Library, the Burton Public Library, and Geauga Park District are organizers as well.

Geauga Skywatchers Club is an Astronomy Club founded by a partnership of local organizations interested in promoting scientific thinking to the young and young-at-heart through the study and practice of astronomy. The group consists of the following:

The Geauga County Public Library & The Burton Public Library, which provide the main venues for teaching, along with books and logistical support for programs. They also make telescopes available for borrowing. and

The Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society, which supplies teaching members with expertise, equipment, and a passion for astronomy.

The Geauga Park District, supplying teaching members, their observatories, planetarium, and enthusiasm.

The Foundation for Geauga Parks, whose dedicated staff raises money for charitable causes benefiting all of Geauga County, and who graciously supplied telescopes for the club that will be available for checkout via the local library branches. They supply financial, organizational and marketing support for the club.

For more information, prospective members may login to to join the club, or to find the dates & times of lectures and activities. They may also visit the websites of the individual organizers for details.

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