This is Your Chance to Win $100

It’s time for another contest here at Geauga News!

This contest is a Scavenger Hunt. We have created an “unusual” Ad that will rotate on the right hand side of our website. It’s located directly above the words “Get Our Weekly Newsletter”.

Editors Note: The trick is to BE PATIENT! It could take up to 10 minutes to see the “secret ad”. You may also see other ads rotate more frequently or duplicate. Don’t worry…eventually the “secret ad” will appear if you look long enough. But study the other ads you see as there will be an option for a bonus entry to win $100 at the end.

So How Do You Participate?

You will need to fill out the information below to get a clue on what the Ad is.

Once you find the secret Ad, all you need to do is “CLICK” on the Ad and you will  be entered to win some super awesome prizes.

  1. First Place Winner $100
  2. Second Place Winner $50
  3. Third Place Winner $25

Winners will be chosen at random.

Here are the instructions again…

  • The Secret Ad will rotate on the right hand side of the website
  • When you see the Ad…CLICK on it
  • Fill out your information and you are automatically entered to win.

It’s that simple!

But WAIT there’s more!

Pay attention to all the Ads you see as you are looking for the secret Ad.

There will an option to earn a bonus entry.

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