TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! What to know about viewing this natural phenomenon overnight on May 15

As long as the skies are clear(ish), you can plan to witness a natural phenomenon overnight on Sunday, May 15, with a total lunar eclipse. Mark your calendars!


Should you desire a little guidance as you watch, or better equipment than your own two eyes, you might also plan to attend Geauga Park District’s viewing event at Observatory Park from 10:30 p.m. Sunday through 2 a.m. Monday – and don’t worry, we’ll understand if you only want to stick around for the most dramatic part of the eclipse, as the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, lasting till midnight.


Multiple telescopes at Observatory Park will be pointed at the moon that night, said Naturalist “Astro-Nat” Chris Mentrek, who will be on hand for the entire thing. One will even be a designated “snapshot station,” which will allow visitors to take up-close photos of the moon using their cell phone cameras.


“This is the first total lunar eclipse we’ve had a chance to see in years; our previous few lunar eclipses have been pretty lackluster, to be honest,” Mentrek said. “We missed the lunar eclipse in November 2021 due to a snowstorm, and the partial lunar eclipse of May 2021 only offered a glimpse right at sunset. This month, we get to see a total lunar eclipse in its entirety, which is a great opportunity!”


This eclipse’s more convenient beginning hours also make it special, Mentrek said. In Geauga County, our next visible lunar eclipse will be a partial view of a partial lunar eclipse this November; however, it will take place in the wee hours of the morning.


To view an animated graphic that may help you plan your ideal viewing time overnight on May 15, visit under News & Updates.


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