Troy Homecoming Community Festival

August 9-11, 2013

Troy Homecoming is a free community festival held in southern Geauga County at Troy Community Center, 13950 Main Market Road, Burton, Ohio on August 9-11, 2013.

In this age of high tech distractions, Troy Township residents and friends are standing out by rejuvenating old-fashioned fellowship and fun.

Troy Homecoming Old Cars in Parade
Children alongside the road, watching the old cars in the parade.

A team of community oriented folk have joined forces to rekindle a century old tradition.

2013 will be Troy Homecoming’s third year of revival, bringing back nostalgic games, living history through Civil War encampment, live entertainment and other wholesome activities.

Troy firetrucks filing past onlookers
People watching the firetrucks in the Troy Homecoming Parade

Come join your neighbors in a beautiful gathering of families enjoying the ever expanding schedule of entertainment and activities while sampling the ware of local businesses.

The dunking game
Young boy trying his luck at the dunking game

To participate or for more information contact Donna Matzek ( 440-227-1168) or visit online  (website is under construction).

Presale raffle tickets are available:

1st prize is a Side of beef
2nd prize is a Weber gas grill
3rd prize is a ‘Best of Geauga County Basket’
(that includes donations from various establishments).




Jenny Hershberger
Author: Jenny Hershberger

Jenny Hershberger was born and raised in Geauga County, Ohio. Since graduating from Marietta College she has worked as a free-lance photographer and graphic designer. Recently Jenny has become a published author, writing “Single and Content, a Journey from Despair to Delight”. She has traveled extensively throughout the USA and to several foreign countries.