Water: Our Most Precious Resource – Is Yours Safe?

It began with an exceptional plumber in Middlefield nearly five decades ago. His expertise and attention to detail grew into a family owned and operated business which, 49 years later, is now providing problem water solutions to residences and businesses throughout Northeast Ohio and even extends throughout the country. I wonder if founders Charles and Ella Hall had any idea just how successful their company would become!

EcoWater/ServiSoft of Middlefield has continued its history of water treatment solutions by providing a level of knowledge and professional service unmatched by any of their competitors. The staff participates in continued education and they hold several water and product certifications including CWS and CI, signifying intense study, application, and testing from the National Water Quality Association for analysis, treatment, and installation. Members of the staff have also served proudly on the Ohio and Pacific Water Quality Association boards as well as local chambers of commerce.

What’s In Your Water?

If you live in Northeast Ohio, it’s likely you have encountered one or more of these common water problems: hard water, too much iron, bacteria, chlorine, or even arsenic, not to mention the common sulphur odors, as in rotten eggs! Some are obvious problems, but others hide within what appears to be good clear water. ServiSoft can perform a free in home water analysis and customize a water treatment system to fit your specific needs, giving you assurance that the water you and your family use every day is truly safe and healthy.

Residential Products

EcoWater Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment equipment. As your local, authorized dealer for EcoWater products, ServiSoft of Middlefield carries numerous models of water softeners, water filters, and drinking water systems which can resolve any Northeast Ohio water problem you may have.

Softeners and conditioners will reduce surface stains on tubs and tiles as well as soap lather and scum, and keep pipes free of scale. Refiners provide solutions for hard water and chlorine for city water users. Water filters can eliminate bad odors and taste, prevent copper and galvanized pipe damage, clear cloudy water, and remove bacteria and other harmful substances.

Filtering water

“Thank you for working hard on our water. The left is before our system and the right is after our system! Fantastic Job!” ~ Jerry J.

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems provide whole house solutions to taste and odor problems and remove contaminates, assuring clear, clean, safe water for all internal and external uses.

Along with EcoWater Systems top-of-the-line equipment, ServiSoft also services most other brands, a few of which include Kinetico, Whirlpool, GE. A full list can be seen on their website. So if your water softener or water filter is not working right, give them a call. They also deliver salt, bottled water, and maintenance products, so you don’t need to make that extra trip and lug heavy bags and bottles home!

Commercial Products

For over 25 years, EcoWater/ServiSoft has provided water treatment to over 2000 restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, car washes, laboratories, manufacturing facilities and many more, saving them money by installing and maintaining their water systems.

Your Northeast Ohio business can easily become a target for increased costs as well due to the hard water in the area. Mineral build up in pipes and equipment will eventually take its toll, leaving dripping faucets, reduced heat transfer, stains, and wasted water, all of which will lead to increased costs in the end.

Have you considered a bottle-less water cooler for your business? Not only will you receive unlimited, pristine and healthy “bottle quality” drinking water, but you’ll save money and the inconvenience of lifting full jugs and storing empty ones. EcoWater/ServiSoft can provide you with a complete turnkey bottle-free leasing package, including the system and on-going maintenance, to ensure its safe and proper operation, all for a low monthly fee.

Whether a homeowner or business owner, you can only benefit by taking advantage of EcoWater/ServiSoft of Middlefiled’s free analysis.

“Very friendly, knowledgeable, and customer service-oriented for support in water quality systems service & sales. Servisoft has always been good to us – accommodating and fair in all our purchases.  We have absolutely no doubt we’re getting excellent reliability and that if we ever have problems that Mike and his team will be there to stand by the products and services they provide.

Servisoft is a humble organization nestled in the small town of Middlefield. By the way they talk and act, you’d never know they install massive industrial, agricultural, and government water systems throughout the country. But they’re not too big to extend a handshake nor too busy to work out a good deal for the local resident with a little water softener system.” ~Greg, Chagrin Falls/Yelp Review

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