West G Edges Out Kenston in Rival Game

West G stadiumFriday night’s game was full of rain, cold, and wind. I think it is safe to say that it didn’t stop raining the entire game. With the wind blowing the rain sideways, there was no possible way to avoid getting wet. West Geauga fans were still staying strong for their boys. Umbrellas, ponchos, gloves, hats, and coats filled the stadium on both sides of the field. This week’s game was definitely worth all of it. Nobody was going to miss the West Geauga/Kenston rival game, and I am glad that I didn’t either.

I was asked before the game which team I thought was going to win. I automatically said that Kenston would win. Being at the Kenston Vs Chagrin Falls game earlier in the season, I knew those boys could play some football. West Geauga proved me wrong and I was glad that they did.

West G vs. Kenston

First Half

The game started off with West G receiving the ball, and even though they didn’t score on that possession, the game was to be theirs. Kenston was the first team to score with a 5 yard touchdown run by Daryl Richards. The point after by TJ Kestranek was good, giving the Bombers a 0-7 lead over the Wolverines. The Wolverines were not going to end the quarter without putting up their own points. Domenick Varga ran the 3 yards for West Geauga’s first score. Brendan Judson put in the point after, tying up the score at 7-7. The second quarter scoring belonged to Kenston. Jeremy Wyers ran 8 yards for a touchdown, bringing the score to 7-14 after the kick. West G’s defense was able to make that Kenston’s last touchdown. Kestranek put up the Bomber’s last points with a 25 yard field goal that brought the first half score to 7-17.

West Geauga’s Marching Band took you to the movies during the halftime show. Whether you were looking for a hero or you had a sweet tooth, you would have enjoyed the show. Spiderman, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and crazy Beetlejuice were a few of the songs they performed. As well as the songs that were played, the band was also fun to watch. A blinking mask and flying bat even showed up while they were marching. As entertaining as the show was, it was time for West Geauga’s Wolverines to bring the action during the second half.

West G marching band

Second Half

West G’s defense and special teams were amazing during the second half. They started out with a bang when they held Kenston to 4 downs, forcing them to punt. The crowd was roaring when the Wolverines blocked the Bomber’s punt, causing the boys to get fired up. The next time Kenston was forced to punt, they attempted a fake punt. West G didn’t fall for it and stopped the punter from converting to a first down. The Wolverine’s offense was not to be out done during the third quarter. Connor Krouse kept the ball to score a touchdown on a 7 yard quarterback keeper. Judson put the ball through the uprights to bring the score to 14-17. Kevin Saracino got the ball back to the Wolverines when he recovered a Bomber fumble for the turnover. Knowing that they needed to score to win, Tory Palmer caught a 14 yard pass from Krouse. Judson made the kick, putting the score at 21-17. Those were the last points of the quarter and the game.

The fourth quarter belonged to West Geauga’s defense, and they definitely had control of the game from that point on. Tory Palmer recovered another Bomber fumble, Abdul Levy sacked Richards for a loss, and Curt Williams snagged an interception. Those were just a few of the plays the Wolverine’s defense made. Holding Kenston scoreless, the determined defense secured the win for West Geauga.

West G scoreboardWith a final score of 21-17, the Wolverines stadium and sidelines erupted when the whistle blew. Beating their rivals in their final home game of the season was a highlight to the Wolverines 2012 season. It was a highlight to my season of writing about our high school teams, too. I couldn’t help but cheer for the underdogs. The game was so exciting that I had no choice but to get into it and cheer along. I consider myself lucky to be able to witness the game I did Friday night. You knew that the West Geauga team was playing with heart. Every player played tough during the game whether it was offense or defense. With both teams covered in mud, you didn’t need any more proof than that. Congratulations to West Geauga on their win! Next week they take on Beachwood for the final game of regular season play. You should go watch those boys play. As for me, I will be at another one of our great Geauga County schools.

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