What’s a Little Free Library?

Find out – they’re ready for you to use in four Geauga parks

Four Little Free Libraries, built by Walker Chieffe of Boy Scout Troop 102 to earn Eagle Scout rank, have been installed in Geauga Park District and are ready for the public to use.

Books in these weather-proof libraries are free for all so long as a book is left to replace it: “Give a Book, Take a Book,” as the good neighbor slogan goes.

Locate them next time you’re out at Frohring Meadows in Bainbridge Township, Observatory Park in Montville Township, Orchard Hills Park in Chester Township, and Chickagami Park in Parkman Township.

Wrote Walker, 18, of Bainbridge Township, in his project proposal:

“My idea comes from one of my favorite childhood pictures: it’s me sitting on my mom’s lap reading a book with her outside. This is something that I believe our society is losing due to the digitization of everything.

“I hardly see anybody reading for pleasure anymore. And so when my sister, who lives in South Carolina, sent me a picture of a ‘Little Free Library’ that she found, I immediately thought it would be a great idea.”

He held book drives to gather books of all types for their start-up.

“I know that the Geauga Park District puts an emphasis on education for the visitors to the park,” Walker wrote, “and I believe these ideas would be another great way to do this.”

Geauga Park District is online, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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