When Did You Last Clean Your Belly Button?

and other unseen bacterial havens on and around you

In case you didn’t know (and for some reason want to!), scientists have recently found 2,368 different species of bacteria residing in that little navel of yours!* Is that yucky or what?

And if that isn’t yucky enough for you – how about this:

Bacteria and pathogenic concentrations found in raw wastewater and septic tank effluent:

Average ratio of Bacteria = 100,000,000 per 3.3 ounces

Average ratio of Pathogens = 1,000 per 3.3 ounces

“Waterborne diseases caused by bacteria include cholera, dysentery, shigellosis, and typhoid fever. Cholera outbreaks, for example, have often been linked to drinking water contaminated with pathogenic bacteria from human sewage. The implication is that more than 99% removal of bacteria and protozoa in septic systems and the surrounding environment is necessary to protect public health.”

So, while cleaning your belly button may be a good question to ask – When Did You Last Clean Your Septic System may be a far more important one!

And lucky you! There happens to be a highly respected, award-winning company right in Geauga County that is more than qualified to make sure that you and your family are protected from such health hazards – not to mention the financial hazards that can also occur from neglecting your septic system.

Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. has been providing residential and commercial services in parts of Geauga, Lake, Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties since 1966 – that’s 47 years!

Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. has been providing residential and commercial services in parts of Geauga, Lake, Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties since 1966 – that’s 47 years! They are the recipients of the United States EPA Special National Award for Outstanding Gathering, Processing and Utilization Services and National Support of Environmental Sound Compliant Practices along with several other prestigious awards. And they do far more than just tank cleaning. Other important services they provide include sewer and drain cleaning as well as basement and footer drain cleaning. For footer drains, excavation may be needed in order to remove the mud or stones (whatever the blockage or problem is) from the pipes. Without excavation, the blockage will just be moved from section to section. The extensiveness will have to be determined case by case. In addition, they offer high pressure water jetting, electric sewer cleaning, line locating, and camera video inspection of lines. (Now wouldn’t that be interesting to see what secrets your kiddos have flushed down those toilets!)

Amish customer using his horses
The picture above is of an Amish customer using his horses to pull our High Pressure Jetter into his field so we could access a drain tile that he needed to have cleaned.

Who does this work anyway?

Four tank trucks and two service trucks are out and about, one of which is driven by Gary Baise. Gary has been with Tim Frank Septic since 2001 and has been the main technician in the service truck for five years. If he happens to be the technician who comes to your home, you will be able to easily connect with him. Gary lives in Thompson with his wife and two daughters and loves spending time with his family. He is also an avid outdoorsman.

Tim Frank Septic charges a flat hourly rate for its services, which differs from some other companies who may charge a “teaser rate” to come and “assess” the problem, then actually charge for the services. These folks aren’t interested in anything other than maintaining their good reputation and enjoying ‘good clean’ fun! You can even see that on their Facebook page, which is not only highly informative, but also full of great humor! Be sure to visit them there!

Now – about that belly button of yours: “Two samples contained an extremely rare type of archaea, a single-cell organism never previously found on human skin. One of these samples came from a man who self-reported that he had not bathed or showered for several years – yikes!”

I can only imagine what horrors must be breeding deep underground, invading that dark cesspool if it has not been cleaned in several years….

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