Are You a Woman Over 30? We Have a Trainer for That!

Colleen Holiday has a passion for training women over 30, and she has 27 years of experience to prove it. She also comes equipped with three professional degrees, one of which is counseling psychology. She believes that her education is what gives her the competitive edge in the burgeoning population of personal trainers in this country. While the world is going toward high technology-low touch services, she feels that being there – being a real-time coach – equates to the high success and low turnover rate she gets to enjoy with her clients.

Colleen’s enthusiasm for her post-30 clients (though she trains all ages and genders} began when she turned 30 herself. She says, “There’s nothing like watching women go through the struggles of life in a 27-year career of training them. I observed a lot of depression and just a giving-up mentality about their health and themselves, and this is what shaped my entire business.” As a late bloomer herself, she decided to make every decade just a little better instead of the reverse. So, at 45, she was the subject of her own photo shoot, adorned the pages of, sold a calendar to raise money for rescue animals – another one of her passions– went on to be featured in The Huffington Post, Idea Fit Magazine, and has authored several publications on women’s fitness issues and overall wellness. It’s no wonder Colleen’s tagline is, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.”

She asserts, “My goal is to make every female feel like she can be her most awesome at any age. I believe that reinventing yourself is fun, a real depression kicker. Seeing yourself improve is like nothing else! And self-care after 30 must become paramount since your life can slowly slip away from you while you take care of everyone else. You can’t do what you want in life without the very best version of YOU!”

The mind-body connection is an important element in Colleen’s system of training. You won’t find her clients rolling tires around! Instead, she believes in a myriad of formats for training, such as outdoor workouts, plyometrics, and a lot of core-board and weight training. But above all, Colleen preaches that you should really take care of your body. Play it safe. She believes that you shouldn’t buy into the latest fitness craze. Your body remembers your misuses, and as you approach 30, 40, 50 and even into your 60s, each decade brings some challenges. Dealing with back problems, knee problems and hip pain, coupled with weight gain and hormone issues, is no job for the inexperienced trainer. Nutrition and supplements are key in your quest for better health but knowing what to eat and what supplements really work is a challenge for the newcomer. Colleen offers her clients a complete package of weight training, over 30 geared nutrition, age appropriate supplements and some of the THE best beauty talent in the country.

Colleen has put together an impressive team of people she’s collected over the years. She states, “I keep abreast of the new supplements and training techniques from some of the very best doctors and trainers in the field.” This trainer is serious about her mission to make her client feel and look awesome.

As if Colleen’s services weren’t enough, she recently added a few to top off her program. She combines her 27 years of experience as a cosmetologist with her Saks Fifth Avenue personal shopper work to furnish her clients with wardrobe consultations, complete with hair and makeup. She claims, “I know most females just want to get it altogether, but it’s so hard with all the time constraints these days.” She knows that most people have a style by 30, so she just brings out their individualism with their new body image. Colleen gives these services as a gift after her client has reached her goal. She knows that her clients can’t get all this in an app, and that’s exactly how Colleen wants it. Her goal is to make the perfect environment for women to thrive in. That is why she asks prospective clients, “When was the last time you felt awesome?” She states, “I want them to feel that every day!” Nothing is worse than going through life feeling poorly about yourself, but Colleen believes with discipline and determination, you can change that. She doesn’t say it will be easy; however, she promises it will be worth it.

If you are ready to change your life, your self-image, and your body this New Year, contact Colleen Holiday, the trainer who travels with weights AND a make-up room! Colleen can be found in Chesterland’s Anytime Fitness, in her Mayfield studio location and on her website at You Only Stronger.

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