3 Ways to Live a Happier Life

There are some moments in life that are those great “ah ha” moments that I’d like to capture in a canning jar and set on my shelf to look at. If I could capture those moments of realization, I would have a whole collection of sparkling moments. They would be like fireflies on a warm summer night, and if I turned off the lights in my room, you would see all the bright flashes on the shelf. I could name each one for you, and tell you where I captured it, and what it meant to me. That could be a business…

There are so many important things that I want to share with you, but today I just want to share three that will be the beginning steps towards a happier and fuller life. These are just a few little warm flashes that I’ve bottled up and I’m handing to you. If you peer into the glass, you’ll see those little fireflies glowing, and you might even see the reflection of your own face. Maybe along the way you’ll discover a few magical moments of your own.

1. Instead of asking “Why?” ask “Why not?”
A great deal of our traditional education and exposure explains to us that we should question things, be skeptical, and develop some paranoia in order to survive. While this is true on some fronts, I feel like we aren’t taught to say, “Why not? I’ll give it a try,” often enough.

Next time you’re faced with the opportunity to try something new or open your mind to a new perspective, give it a try. Why not try something new? Why not be creative? Why not give someone another chance?

Don’t get stuck in the dogma of other people’s beliefs. Don’t just do it that way because you’ve always done it that way or because someone else told you it was the right way. Step outside your normal way of life and say, “Why not”?

Dive in head first. You never know what kind of adventures you’ll find and what kind of friends you might make.

2. Tell them that you love them.
No matter where you’re at, I don’t think you could tell me that you’ve told your family, your loved ones, and your friends who are there for you that you love them often enough. Years ago, when my world vaporized in front of me in just a few short months, I realized that we don’t always get another opportunity to say how much we care about someone.


Don’t just say that you love them, take the time to explain the characteristics that you appreciate in them. No one I know is overloaded with genuine care and compliments. Taking just a few minutes to tell someone that you care about them, that you appreciate them, and that you love them could brighten their day, help them keep trying, or in some cases even save their life. Don’t wait, you might not get another chance to tell them. Just say it. Say, “I love you.” The Beatles were right. All you need is love.

3. Get up and take a walk
go for a walkLife has a way of throwing some pretty tough situations our way. Sometimes we are faced with problems that we can’t change on our own. Sometimes we are surrounded with circumstances that are terribly sad, depressing, or stressful. Sometimes the workload just seems to be too much, and maybe it is.

Rather than continue to sit and stew about the problem or continue to struggle with something that you might not solve today, or tomorrow, or this year, try getting up and going outside for a walk.

For the great majority of us, we possess an incredible gift of mobility. We may not always have that, and so it is worthwhile to take advantage of it while we can. A 20 minute walk can do wonders for the soul, and it may help clear your mind of your troubles. No matter what, the fresh air and exercise will help you gain new perspective on life.

If you can’t get outdoors, you don’t have to let yourself off the hook. You can still walk laps around the office, go to the store, or go anywhere that you can have a change of scenery. Just get up and take a walk. I promise if you make a habit of it, it will help you lead a fuller and more relaxing life.

What are some tips that you can share with us? Tell us how you choose to live a full and happy life in the comments below.

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