Cardinal High School Science Students Receive Grant for Forensics

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High school students Taylor H., Raven G., Nicole B., Kathleen M., Ashley B., Amanda K. and Shane D. secured a $700 grant through for forensic science class materials.

A group of Cardinal High School students has secured a $700 grant through to be used to purchase fingerprinting and DNA analysis kits for a future Forensic Science class!

According to high school science teacher Dr. Rebecca Falin, this group of students expressed interest in having a forensics class next year, but lack the materials to have a beneficial educational experience. Dr. Falin told the students about a new funding initiative for student-led projects through, and they immediately volunteered to work together to create and submit a proposal for funding.

The proposal was submitted on Nov. 20 and by Dec. 22 the project was completely funded through 11 donations, some of which came from as far away as California and another from ExxonMobil and Think It Up Supporters.

“Creating this grant proposal was a collaborative effort of a group of my students and myself,” says Dr. Falin. “The kids really wanted to have the option of a forensic science course, but funding the materials to support new classes is so challenging. This didn’t deter them, however, and they worked together to determine what the most important course activities would be and the materials that would be needed. This was the most engaged in a project that I have seen them all year. They took ownership of it and followed through to the end.”

Students involved in securing the grant were: Taylor H. (leader), Raven G., Nicole B., Kathleen M., Ashley B., Amanda K. and Shane D.

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