NDES School News

First Graders Learn About Two-Dimensional Shapes 

Mrs. Hickman’s first grade math class is enjoying hands-on activities with Play-Doh. The students are currently learning about two-dimensional shapes and use Play-Doh to help create and visualize their shapes.



Easter Bunny Visit

Our NDES students enjoyed a visit from the Easter Bunny! The bunny brought a lot of smiles and laughs to our students. Thank you to Mrs. Denielle Paglia and the NDPA committee for organizing this special visit and for all they do for our students, faculty and staff!!



Holy Week

Holy Week marks the beginning of the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday) which leads us to the rejoicing of Easter Sunday. It is the holiest time of our Church year. Our NDES community will mark the beginning of this holy time with a quiet hour on March 30, our last day before Easter break. That day, the children will enter the school quietly. They will engage in silent reflection, prayer, meditation on the Stations of the Cross and other quiet, Lenten activities. We encourage our families to set aside some quiet time for each day of the Triduum to mark our journey to Easter especially this year when it is still hard for many to attend Church. We wish all of you a most blessed Easter! 



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