Sunrise Springs Water Company Expanding

At a time when many businesses are cutting back, Newbury’s Sunrise Springs Water Company is in the midst of major growth and an expansion that is almost doubling the size of its facility, adding new products and services, a new retail location in Rootstown, and eventually more employees.

Plans call for a 7500-square-foot warehouse expansion to be finished August 1. It is the third addition to the company’s facility since it was founded 23 years ago. First in 1997, then 2008, and now. A re-grand opening for the community will be held late this summer. Watch for the announcement or follow our progress on Facebook.

“Serving our customers is our main goal. This expansion will help us to do this more efficiently.”

The expansion will also make it more convenient for Sunrise Springs to serve its clientele with more warehouse space to stage and load trucks. “Serving our customers is our main goal. This expansion will help us to do this more efficiently. We are always looking for ways to stay competitive and this expansion will help,” said Sunrise Springs Water Company Vice-President Darrell Langford. “We offer both bottled water and bulk water delivery service, but we want to make it easy for people to pick up their products, too. Our new warehouse will separate our customer drive- thru from our loading areas,” added Langford

Sunrise Springs Water Co.

While the drive-thru gives local customers more options, the number of signature blue and pink Sunrise Springs delivery trucks on the road has increased. Today – 10 delivery trucks travel their Northeast Ohio routes daily delivering bottled water and softener salt, as well as filling swimming pools and aiding businesses with bulk water. Sunrise Springs also recently opened a new retail location in Rootstown, Ohio, in Portage County to more effectively serve customers in this area.

One reason for the expansion is that people find water affordable and a necessity. “People want to drink water they enjoy drinking, not tap water that has unknown origins and chlorine,” Langford said. “It is a simple inexpensive purchase that makes them feel good because they are drinking water that is purified and healthy.”

Affordable Water Products

Sunrise Springs, which serves both businesses and homes, offers a range of products including five- and three-gallon bottles, bottled water (natural spring and purified distilled), coolers and bulk water. New products include a complete line of water softener, water softening salt and filters, reverse osmosis systems (pre-filtered, softened and then passed through an osmosis membrane) and many more water treatment options.

“Many customers are upgrading their coolers and water softeners to the newer energy efficient models that are available. New technology of water purifying systems is also popular for improving drinking water taste,” Langford explained. “Many people are discovering that we can assist them with solutions for their home water systems to improve drinking water taste. Customers also appreciate that we offer softener salt delivery, which is a major convenience over transporting it themselves.”

Private label bottles with your company logo are now available for purchase in any size you require. This will give customers a competitive advantage to market to their customers in a unique way.

Sunrise Springs History

The Sunrise Springs Water Company in Newbury was started in 1990 when owner George Lanesky acquired access to a local spring in Geauga County. In the beginning, the business had only two employees and focused solely on bulk water distribution for pools, wells, and hot tubs. Later, Sunrise

Springs started to filter, ozonate, and bottle the water. Today, the company’s three water choices; spring water, distilled water, and reverse osmosis drinking water is delivered to thousands of Northeast Ohio customers from Westlake to Conneaut and south to Canton and the company has more than a 15 employees. “We probably deliver about 25 million gallons of water a year in terms of our bulk water and bottled water business,” Langford said. The company’s spring meets or exceeds all federal and state health standards.

Sunrise Springs Water Company is headquartered at 10729 Kinsman Road in Newbury. For more information, call 440-564-9743 or 1-800-346-9009 or visit our website. Follow our construction on Facebook and Twitter.

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