What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Coffee? (It’s All in a Name, Right?)

Jazzy Java, Sumatra, Caffe Verona, Willow Blend, Veranda Blend…Oh! I could go on and on naming some of my favorite coffee flavors. They are all so good, so distinct, so rich in flavor and personality. One thing I’ve found is that I tend to like the darker roasts; flavors with a little more body and a stronger taste.

The longer the beans are roasted, the richer and darker the taste becomes. Many times you’ll see a “French Roast” on the board at your local coffee shop. That’s because those beans have been roasted longer.

Did you know that the longer you roast the beans, the less caffeine they have? That’s why many of the breakfast blends are actually higher in caffeine content even though they don’t taste as strong. I just learned that myself, and I’m actually rather surprised. I would have thought the opposite was true.

I love hanging out at Coffee Corners in Burton. I can honestly say that I have made more friends inside that wonderful place and sparked more relationships that have become long lasting and rewarding than at any other place.

One of my favorite flavors that they have had for many years now is Jazzy Java. It’s a rich coffee with a little stronger taste and a bit of an after taste to it as well. One of the secrets to getting the best flavor out of your coffee is to grind the beans just before you brew the coffee. Since Sue grinds her beans fresh each day, I know that I can always be guaranteed a fresh cup of my favorite Jazzy Java anytime I go there.

Reading a book, meeting a friend, holding a small business meeting, or just sitting out front and enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of Burton, Ohio are always enhanced when I have my favorite flavor, my perfect cup of Jazzy Java in hand.

What’s your favorite flavor? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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