Outdoor Classroom Pathway 

Thank you to the Notre Dame Maintenance staff who worked very hard during the first three days of Easter week to convert a very muddy old waterline pathway to become an ADA accessible trail. Everyone can now enjoy the wonderful beauty of God’s creation! The outdoor classroom and shrine to Mary is a great place to learn and to pray! God is Good! Thank you to Sr. Barbara Soplata and her family for providing us with this beautiful outdoor resource!



Military Club 

Grade 8 Military History Club explores the various military conflicts that the United States has been a part of starting with the American Revolution and ending with the Cold War. Students learn about these conflicts by using various types of primary sources, media clips, simulations, and more! This week in Military History Club, students in pairs and small groups represented different ‘countries’ forming alliances in the anticipation of a growing conflict. This simulation represented the alliances that brought many countries into World War I. 




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